6th Annual NY Cat Film Festival

  • Wed, Apr 10
    • 7:10pm - Cinema Two
  • Thu, Apr 11
    • 7:10pm - Cinema One
  • Sat, Apr 13
    • 1:00pm - Cinema Two
    • 5:10pm - Cinema Two
  • Sun, Apr 14
    • 2:20pm - Cinema Two
    • 5:20pm - Cinema One
    • 6:50pm - Cinema Two
  • Wed, Apr 17
    • 7:10pm - Cinema Two
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The annual NY Cat Film Festival™ is a collection of short films – animated, documentary, or narrative films with actors and a script. These are not random internet “cat videos” – these are films which have been made with an intention, concept, or story to convey something essential about cats. The films celebrate the kitties who share our world and their relationships with people, no matter where or how they live – as feral cats in a colony, or between the covers in someone’s bed.

Cat Knows You Act I [1 min] directed by Michael Pickering
A cat’s thoughts as you’ve never experienced them before.

A Cat Called Rumi [3 min] directed by Diana Rousseau
Falling in love with a feral cat.

Seen at Last [3 min] directed by Kim Best (recipient of the 2022 NY Cat Film Festival Visionary Award)
This cat poses the question of whether others see you as you see yourself? If so, you are not alone.

Willow’s Tale [4 min] animation directed by Linda Malik
Animated by the neurodiverse artists of The Center for Learning Unlimited’s Brainstorm Productions, the story of a domesticated black cat who has wild daydreams.

Momcat [4 min] directed by Lisa Dodell
The filmmaker’s exploration of her mother’s connection with her cats.

Silent Paws [6 min] directed by Mutual Rescue
Photography, music and the poetry of Gabriel Spera illuminating the enduring bonds between cats and their people, who mourn them.

TNR [6 min] directed by Amy Garvey
Highlighting the problem of the overpopulation of feral cats in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where people are trying Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) as one solution.

Cat Knows You Act II [1 min] directed by Michael Pickering
More wisdom from Cat.

Moose Gets a Bath [10 min] directed by Michael Lentz & Hailey Jansson
A small kitten is rescued from a vacant home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Insomnia [6 min] directed by Kim Best
A cat given to daytime napping is woefully misunderstood, but doggedly seeks a solution.

Josh & Scout [6 min] directed by Mutual Rescue
After combat deployment in Iraq, Josh suffers from PTSD and severe depression – his unlikely savior is a rain-soaked stray kitten.

Shoot the Moon [2 min] animated by William Rowe
Brothers Sam and Max can’t agree on anything, but when Max’s ambitions to fly to the moon in a cardboard box put them both in grave danger, it’s up to older brother Sam to get them home safely.

Catham County [17 min] Lacey Adair
A documentary following three CAT rescue groups in Catham County,Georgia as they surmount the challenges of caring for their managed colonies.

Cat’s Eye Witness News [6 min] directed by Michele Campbell
Feline news reporters Finny and Dazie report on the news, weather, and reviews of restaurants and movies.

Puurfect Intervention [9 min] directed by Juhi Sharma
Sarah’s friends think her love of cats has gone a little too far – so they decide to bring in some outside help. Starring Kisha Pearl.

The Cat Duet [2 min] directed by Lorelei De Armas & Julian Wood.
Two friends enjoy singing Rossini’s Cat Duet.

Cat Knows You Act III [1 min] directed by Michael Pickering
Ideas and sentiments from Cat that will surprise you.


There is no nudity, sexual reference, vulgar language or physical or verbal abuse between people – and no animals were harmed – in these films. Any tears you might shed would be tears of joy for happy endings.