A Separate Experience

Segregated facilities condemned Americans of color to second-class citizenship

Until 1963, the Carolina Theatre enforced segregation, requiring Black patrons to use a separate box office and entrance, involving a daunting 97-step journey, often in sweltering conditions. Starting in 1955, a series of events would herald a historic change for the theater, the South, and the nation.

The Changemakers

Protestors’ unified efforts and unwavering determination sought to break down the barriers of segregation, advocating for equal access and rights for all individuals.

The Exhibit

See the exhibit in-person

The Confronting Change exhibit is open to the public Monday-Friday from 10:30 am-5:30 pm for self-guided tours. Guided tours may be scheduled in advance for groups of 25 or more.

Civil Rights Exhibit Committee Members

The Confronting Change exhibit would not be possible without the courageous individuals listed below who have shared their experiences and stories with us. We value their commitment to ensuring history is never lost.

Carl Whisenton* Vera Whisenton
Willie Burt* Betty Rhodes
Claudine Daye Lewis Alice Sharpe
Walter Jackson Kaye Sulivan
Jacqueline Jones Andre Vann
Vivian McCoy