Volunteer Spotlight: Glenn Gillen

April 29, 2024 by Sandy Lerebours

Volunteers are essential to the operation of the Carolina Theatre. More than 150 volunteers help execute our comprehensive arts programs including live performances, educational programming, as well as a nationally respected film program.

During National Volunteer Month, we spoke with volunteer, Glenn Gillen about his favorite memories at the Carolina Theatre. 

CTD: What is your favorite part about volunteering at the Carolina Theatre?
GG: I love it when patrons are leaving the theatre after a memorable performance with big smiles on their faces.

CTD: How long have you volunteered at the Carolina Theatre?
GG: I have been volunteering a little over two years.

CTD: What is your favorite volunteer role?
GG: I enjoy showing patrons to their seats, especially those who are visiting for the first time.

CTD: Do you have a favorite memory that you would like to share from your volunteer experience?
GG: I have two favorite memories. One is when a little girl came up to me during a performance and handed me two Starbursts and said, “These are for you.” Another is when a little boy who was dressed like an usher (black pants and a white shirt) was looking at me, and his mother said “He is cosplaying you.”

CTD: Why did you start volunteering at the Carolina Theatre?
AJ: I enjoy volunteering in the community and supporting performing arts. At Carolina Theatre, I get to do both!

CTD: What is a favorite movie or show you saw at the theater?
AJ: I’ve seen so many good shows but one that stands out is Chris Botti who went into the audience and played his trumpet to a pregnant woman who was caressing her belly.

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