Meet Farad Ali

February 19, 2024 by Jordan Hewitt Beard

The Carolina Theatre’s annual Dancing With The Carolina Stars fundraiser takes place on May 21! Audience members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite local stars and even get to mingle with them after the event. We sat down with local celebrity, Farad Ali of ALI HEIJMEN to learn more about his motivation for joining the fundraiser. 

CTD: Why did you decide to get involved with the Carolina Theatre’s fundraiser, Dancing With The Carolina Stars? 

FA: Lexie [a Carolina Theatre board member] asked, and I said yes…but I was intimidated and honored to be selected. I have always appreciated the history of the Carolina Theatre, which I learned about from Pepper Fluke. Pepper and I worked on the Parrish Street Forum Task Force together, and she worked tirelessly to save and support this amazing historic building and to educate so many on its historic impact on the Durham community.  

CTD: Why is it important to support the arts in Durham? 

FA: Arts are the rainbow of life. Life has storms, sunshine, joy, and pain. By design, the arts curate the rainbow of life for people to enjoy, celebrate, and live meaningful lives.  

CTD: How do you feel about performing on stage? What are you most excited about with this event?  

FA: I am excited, scared, intimated, and unsure…but whatever is good for Carolina Theatre to strive and thrive…LET’S GO!!!  

The connection between the arts and the community is exactly what Dancing With The Carolina Stars is all about. More than an organization, the Carolina Theatre is a community staple for not only entertainment but for learning and gathering. Our story would not exist without the community leaders who have championed access to and preservation of the building and its programming.  

We are grateful to have Mr. Ali as a part of the Dancing With The Carolina Stars cast! Make sure to buy your tickets now to see him cut a rug or two to support the theater!