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Current Historic Exhibits

A Century Downtown | MAIN LOBBY LEVEL
A look at the Carolina Theatre and the artists and films that have appeared over the years. The launching point for the self-guided tour, this exhibit shows how the theater and downtown Durham have evolved over time.

Confronting Change | SECOND BALCONY LEVEL
Taking “no” for an answer was not an option for the heroes that lined Durham streets in protest in the 1960s. This exhibit tells the story of the desegregation of the Carolina and the people dedicated to making certain their theater, and their community, had equal access for all.

Upcoming Exhibits

Restoring Hope | COMING SOON

A tribute to the dedicated volunteers of the 1970s and 1980s, this exhibit will tell the story of Connie Moses and her quest to resurrect and restore the Carolina Theatre and the ballroom that bears her name.

You can help keep the archives running and future exhibits funded. Donations large and small are welcome. Interested donors may call Audrey Shore at (919) 560-3033 for more information.